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Please enroll me as a member of the Sebastianworld Collectors Guild.  

(All memberships expire December 31)

I am submitting a fee of    based on the fee schedule below.

2008 FULL YEAR $20.00 (all benefits for full year)
2008 FULL YEAR plus all three past issues of the Sebastianworld News for 2004 $32.00 (includes all benefits for full year)

SURVEY: We ask you that you complete a short survey about yourself and your collection.  This is entirely optional.  Any information provided will be used only by Sebastianworld in its efforts to assist you as a Sebastian Miniatures collector.  Click here to view or complete the survey.

    I have just completed and submitted or will now complete your Survey.
    I previously completed and submitted a copy of your Survey.
    I am not completing your Survey at the present time.


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