SML-7 & SML-8
Williamsburg Governor & Lady

SML-7 & SML-8  Williamsburg Governor & Lady

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reference numbers SML-7: Williamsburg Governor (no title) (AL)
SML-7A: Williamsburg Governor (title in base) (M)
SML-8: Williamsburg Lady (no title) (A)
SML-8A: Williamsburg Lady (title in base) (M)
description small figures depicting the Governor of Williamsburg, VA and his wife
dimensions SML-7: height = 3 inches; SML-8: height = 2 3/4 inches
topics and series Topics: Couples-2 Figures
Series: Williamsburg
related or similar items none
first issued/withdrawn/
discontinued forever
SML-7: 1939-1945
SML-7A: 1946-1958
SML-8: 1939-1945
SML-8A: - 1946-1958
private issue and/or limited edition & quantity not applicable
era first introduced. Arlington
value range SML-7: 30/50
SML-7A: 30/50
SML-8: 30/50
SML-8A: 30/50
auction notes none
comments/observations Values of Marblehead era items tend to be somewhat less than values of the same items from the Arlington era.

GENERAL INFORMATION.  Baston's aim with his first set of eight historical pairs was to represent all sections of the early United States.  Williamsburg, VA was settled in 1632, an outgrowth of Jamestown (1607) and paralleling the development of the Massachusetts Bay Colony (1628), itself an outgrowth of Plymouth Plantation (1620).
     With restoration (begun in 1926 with the financial support of John D. Rockefeller, Jr.) not complete, the official Williamsburg gift shop purchased hundreds of the Williamsburg Sebastians every year and since the renewal of Sebastian interest in 1976, continued as an important Sebastian dealer.  The two designs were unified in 1958 to the present Williamsburg Couple (SML-285).

From Dr. Glenn Johnson's book, The Sebastian Miniature Collection.

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