SML-138  The Cow Jumped Over the Moon

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reference numbers SML-138: The Cow Jumped over the Moon (M)
SML-138A: The Cow Jumped over the Moon (Lance 6402)
SML-138B: The Cow Jumped over the Moon tape measure (M)
description cow struggling over moon with other figures from fairy tale
dimensions height = 3 3/8 inches
topics and series Topics: Animals & Pets  Folklore, etc.
Series: None
related items SML-137 (Mary Had a Little Lamb); SML-139 (Jack & Jill)
first issued/withdrawn/
discontinued forever
SML-138: (1949/1975/-)
SML-139A: (1976/1990/-)
SML-139B: (unknown)
private issue and/or limited edition & quantity not applicable
era first introduced. Marblehead
value range SML-138: 40/60
SML-138A: 35/45
SML-138B: Rare
auction notes none
comments/observations none

GENERAL INFORMATION.  In 1949 Prescott Baston designed three nursery rhymes for "in the round."  They were planned to be placed on music boxes where they would rotate while a tune would play.  The plan never worked with the music box supplier and Baston sold them as popular figurines for over 30 years.
In this remarkable child's figurine, we see a cat and a fiddle and a cow, unsuccessfully attempting to jump over the moon.  The little dog is laughing to see such sport and the dish is running away with the spoon.

From The Sebastian Miniature Collection by Dr. Glenn S. Johnson.

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