SML-342  Dia-Mel Fat Man

SML-342 Dia-Mel Fat Man

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reference numbers SML-342: Dia-Mel Fat Man (M)
description fat man on scales
dimensions height = 3 7/8 inches
topics and series Topics: Commercial  Medical Profession
Series: None
related items none
first issued/withdrawn/
discontinued forever
private issue and/or limited edition & quantity private issue for Dia-Mel Company  800 made
era first introduced. Marblehead
value range Rare
auction notes none
comments/observations none

GENERAL INFORMATION. Someone at the Dia-Mel Company, manufacturers of diet food supplements, saw the old (1952) Jell-O Fat Man (SML-201) and requested a similar design.  Baston used the scale and modified the man (bald vs. hair and hands folded vs. hanging down).  The base advises that you "Balance the Scales."

From Dr. Glenn Johnson's book, The Sebastian Miniature Collection.

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