SML-507  Santa's Snack

SML-507B & SML-507C  Ethnic Santa & Ethnic Santa ornament

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reference numbers SML-507: Santa's Snack (Lance 4140)
SML-507-A: Santa's Snack ornament (Lance 4136)
SML-507-B: Ethnic Santa (Lance 5568)
SML-507-C: Ethnic Santa ornament (Lance 5911)
description Santa Claus enjoying a snack
dimensions Figurines: height = 2 1/2 inches; ornaments = 2 1/8 inches
topics & series Topics: Black America  Christmas
Series: None
related items none
first issued/withdrawn/
discontinued forever
SML-507B & SML-507C:1990/1993/1993 (discontinued forever)
private issue and/or limited edition & quantity limited edition:SML-507A (one year)
SML-507B: 150 made
SML-507C: 150 made
era first introduced. Lance
value range SML-507: 25/30
SML-507A:25/35 (revised 2003)
SML-507B: 35/40
SML-507C: 25/30
auction notes none
comments/observations made in Ceramastone, not bonded porcelain

GENERAL INFORMATION. This figurine shows Santa reclining as he enjoys a snack that a child has left for him.  The ornament shows a profile of Santa's head only.  The ethnic or black version was added in 1990.

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