SML-511 We the People

SML-511  Ben Franklin and Liberty Bell

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reference numbers SML-511: We the People (Lance 4256)
description Ben Franklin and Liberty Bell  (ink well)
dimensions to be completed
topics and series Topics: American Revolution  Famous People
Series: none
related items none
first issued/withdrawn/
discontinued forever
private issue and/or limited edition & quantity private issue, limited edition of 750
era first introduced. Lance
value range 55/65
auction notes none
comments/observations originally issued with feather quill and parchment
made of bonded porcelain

GENERAL INFORMATION. Three Sebastian dealers joined forces in commissioning this interesting piece honoring the 200th anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution, the Wayside Country Store, Bobbies Collectibles and Marie's Crystal Loft.  This particular miniature includes an earlier version of Ben Franklin (SML-503) together with an old fashioned inkwell.  A quill pen and parchment were also included.

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