SML-542  Bringing in the Hay

SML-542  Bringing in the Hay

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reference numbers SML-542: Bringing in the Hay (Lance 4840)
description horse drawn hay wagon
dimensions height = 2 3/8 inches
topics and series Topics: Agriculture, Farming & Gardening  Country Life
Horses & Wagons  Occupations & Professions Travel & Transportation

Series: none
related items none
first issued/withdrawn/
discontinued forever
private issue and/or limited edition & quantity not applicable
era first introduced. Lance
value range 30/40
auction notes none
comments/observations none

GENERAL INFORMATION. One of Woody Baston's favorite subjects is the horse drawn wagon or carriage.  In this scene, he recalls the time when he was a youngster at a farm camp in Vermont.  The farmer, in this figurine, is driving a two-horse wagon fully loaded. His son is resting in the hay on his way to the barn.

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