SML-724  Eastern Star Ambassadors

SML-724  Eastern Star Ambassadors

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reference numbers SML-724 Eastern Star Ambassadors  (Wayland Studio - 8407)
description ship's wheel and hot-air balloons motif with built-in stand
dimensions approximately 2 5/8 inches in diameter
topics and series Topics: Masons, Shriners and Eastern Star
Series: none
related items none
first issued/withdrawn/
discontinued forever
private issue and/or limited edition & quantity Private Issue for the Order of the Eastern Star - issue of 250
era first introduced. Wayland Studio
value range 40/50 (revised 2003)
auction notes none
comments/observations none

GENERAL INFORMATION. This plaque style figure was created for the Order of the Eastern Star for the year 2001's Worthy Grand Matron, Connie Vick. It features a ship's steering wheel on the outer rim and a group of three colorful hot-air balloons.

Over a number of years, the Eastern Star has requested that a Sebastian figurine be made for its members.  Typically, the Worthy Grand Matron (WGM) of the Order, a position held for one year, works with Woody Baston, suggesting a theme and design.  It incorporates design elements that are meaningful to the WGM.  The name 'Ambassadors' is derived from the WGM's Chapter name, the Good Will Chapter which Ms. Connie Vick considers as a group of Ambassadors. The ship's wheel that forms the outer border of the composition symbolizes guidance while the balloons signify Ms. Vick's love for and involvement in aviation.  The colors decorating the balloons have significance as well, blue for the sky, green for nature's beauty, pink for the sunset and ivory for the clouds.  The diameter of this figurine is approximately 2 1/2 inches.

Eastern Star pieces, produced in relatively limited quantities, are made available to the Sebastian collecting public for a brief time by contacting the OES directly.

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